Brows have been catapulted into popularity with many celebrities choosing permanent make up for HD TV.  Brows are the windows to the eyes, and has been noted as one of the most anti-ageing areas to have permanent make up, due to the ‘lifting’ effect it has on them.

Choose from a 3D natural hair stroke simulation, where each hair is added one by one to allow a fuller brow.  Very popular with post-menopausal women who tend to lose fullness and the tail end of their brow.

The powder brow is probably the most popular brow procedure which acts very similarly to having your brows tinted.  The pigment is placed underneath the skin, and the natural hair is kept in place (never shaved off!) Powdered brow can also add a more aesthetically pleasing arch, as well as symmetry to the eye area.

For the ultimate brow, a combination is recommended, with 3d hair strokes at the start of the brow, followed by a powdered finish towards the tail.  Emma will discuss and always help in deciding which method would produce the results you are looking to achieve.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of these images are taken straight after procedure and will therefore appear 50-70% darker than healed result.