5 full days inc 1 day practical and theory exam (TBA after course).


Shadow day of your choice TBA via student and Emma for troubleshooting/reinforcement.

- Pre study information sent out via email


- Day One:- Theory health/hygiene, licensing and council information, insurance, colour theory/colour wheel, riddor, BBP, council guidelines, Fitzpatrick skin scale, skin types and conditions, anatomy and physiology, consultation, patch testing, marketing and social media. Needle theory and needle movements on practice skin. Setting up machine and introduction of workings.


- Day Two- Ombre and Powder Brow theory and practical. Setting up work station/trolley, health and hygiene and working on

practice skin, pig skin and observing a full treatment carried out by Emma. Drawing on of shape demonstrated and practised on practice skin and models. Video and photos are always recommended to enforce learning experience. 1-2 extra models in afternoon for you to work on alongside Emma’s close guidance and supervision. Needle theory and results each provide. Aftercare advice -theory and practical. Photographic and video skills explained and showcased to enhance the results shown on social media.


- Day Three – Hairstroke/3D brows ….learn the most sought after and extremely natural hairstoke method to give the same results as microblading, with the aid of your machine. Pros and cons of blading vs machine. Plotting out hairstroke patterns…. Reinforcing pre study work. Practice skin and observation of treatment in full, as well as working on a model under close supervision. Angles of needles for different results.

- Day Four – Eyeliner. Theory and anatomy of eye area. Danger zones, and how to create the safest and most beautiful eyeliner. 

Different styles and explanation of eyeliner types. Anaesthetic guidelines, and how to prepare your client for treatment. Full demonstration and an opportunity to work on real life model as well as practice skin. Needle theory and needle movements for

eyeliner. Angles of needle for the best implantation of pigments.

-Day Five - Lips - Learn the full ombre lip blush/lip colour inc lip liner! Learn all the tricks of the trade to create the most stunning lip colour with the least trauma in the quickest time possible! Needle theory, movements and techniques to implant colour in the quickest and easiest way. Pre-drawing, lip anatomy and pigment colour selection. Work on practice skin and real models to experience the feel of real skin.

**DAY FIVE BONUS…….Receive a FREE brow treatment (session one only) at the

end of day five to help start promoting the treatment on yourself! Learn and

experience the healing process to enable you to give full aftercare advice hints

and tips. **



- Selection of needles for portfolio work

- 20 Li (branded) eyebrow pigments -

- 10 Lip pigments -worth over £1000

- Anaesthetic for unbroken skin

- Anaesthetic for broken skin

- Anaesthetic for the eye area

- Practice head with spare practice skin overlay

- Callipers for measuring

- KMC ruler for measuring brows

- Sticky rulers for brow measuring

- Pencils for drawing

- Colour wheel

- Aftercare ointment

- Lancets for patch testing

- Alcohol wipes

- Spray disinfectant for hard surfaces/equipment

- Clip cord covers

- Barrier film

- Pigment pots

- Pigment display stand

- Lip practice skin

- Eye practice skin

- Medical tray inserts

- Boudoir caps/disposable headbands

- A4 lever arch folder with all relevant theory

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