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An Invitation I Couldn't Refuse...

I had the ultimate honour to be invited by Isabella Karat, an amazing breast surgeon from Frimley Park Hospital to visit her whilst performing procedures.

Never one to give up an opportunity to learn, I jumped at the chance!  I met Isabella at a charity function I attended in aid of Breast Cancer Research, and was amazed by the difference they make to peoples lives.  All the breast surgeons are unbelieveably modest when it comes to the role they play in an individuals journey at such a difficult time.

Aereola reconstruction has always interested me for its affect in making a patient feel ‘complete’ , ‘whole’, and ‘feminine’ again.  Eventually my goal is to offer complimentary aereola tattooing once or twice a month to drive waiting times down, and allow the breast surgeons more time to spend on the actual breast surgery themselves.

Donning my ‘scrubs’! I entered the theatre and was lucky enough to witness a breast surgery being performed. I had a new found appreciation for the skills the surgeons possess.

After the surgery, a new patient entered the theatre ready for her last chapter in breast reconstruction. Isabella anaesthetised the area locally and continued the tattooing process. It was amazing how much deeper and quicker you work versus a set of brows! The aereola was complete after 30 minutes and the patient ecstatic! Isabella then took time with me afterwards to show me a lot of reconstruction work on her computer, with how they simulate nipple using the skin of the breast, followed by a lot of nipple tattooing!

Upon leaving the theatre I was on a natural high…wow……what a difference you can make on a physical, emotional and aesthetic level. I have been invited back, and am keen to add medical tattooing to my repertoire to help give back….WATCH THIS SPACE!

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