1-2-1 Masterclasses

1-2-1 Day Masterclasses with Emma Cleeve

Already trained with a previous company but feel like you want to learn more?

Emma designs day master classes around you to help bridge the gap in your training and helps build your skills to a level of competence. Dependant upon previous training and the amount of training needed depends on whether or not Emma would recommend a 1,2, or 3 day masterclass.

Machine and kit not included in these packages. You will be required to bring your own machine and a selection of needles with you. You will also work on live models which Emma will arrange for you.

1 day - 1-2-1 Master Class


2 days - 1-2-1 Master Class


3 days - 1-2-1 Master Class


To pay a non-refundable deposit of £500 and reserve a space on the above course. Once the monies have been received, you will receive your welcome pack via email.

Ombre Brow Masterclass - Eyebrows

Learn the art of producing the most Instagrammable eyebrow!

Take this 1-2-1 ONE DAY Masterclass for learning the ultimate Ombre eyebrow and the most BREATHTAKING fade. Emma will teach you THREE different styles of Ombre Eyeberows and how to create them effortlessly, as well as how to adapt and choose which is best for each client.

Take the guesswork out of Ombre brows and elevate your brow game. Includes FULL BROW MAPPING lesson and demo by Emma on a Live Model, followed by a Live Model for you to complete under assessment. Latex skin practice is also included to harness tattoo techniques and build muscle memory.

Lip Blush Masterclass - Lips

From the lipstick look to a watercolour effect, spend the day 1-2-1 with Emma learning the EASIEST and quickest way of producing breath-taking lip work.

From producing the PERFECT PRE DRAW to creating soft vs sharp outlines with your machine. Learn the best needles for forming the best colour retention, as well as photographing your work to gain the best photos for social media.

Emma will teach you how to choose the best colours for your client, as well as aftercare tips and tricks.

Nano / Hair Stroke Masterclass - Eyebrows

Struggle to understand hair growth patterns in the eyebrow? Never really took to hairstrokes? Always recommend a powdered brow?

Take the ONE DAY 1-2-1 Hairstroke Masterclass with Emma and learn THREE different hairstroke patterns to apply to any client that walks through your door. From pixelated strokes to crispy, wispy and structured, you will get the opportunity to watch a live demo from Emma, as well as complete a Live model yourself to truly harness and cement your knowledge learnt from the day.

Emma helps to remove any fears or barriers to learning by breaking everything down in an easy to follow step-by-step manner.


Latex practice is included prior to the demo, to help visualise the techniques and build muscle memory.

Advanced Eyeliner Masterclass - Eyes

Upgrade your Eyeliner knowledge and techniques with this INTENSIVE ONE DAY 1-2-1 ADVANCED EYELINER MASTERCLASS.

Learning the ultimate winged out, shaded and structured techniques to adapt to your clients desired looks.

Emma will teach you the secrets to the perfect stretch for the upper and lower liner, as well as the best needles to make your life easier! She will take away the stresses and guesswork of eyeliner, making it less fiddly and more enjoyable! This Masterclass will include tattoo techniques, and the best hacks to get impeccable implantation.

Includes eyeliner mapping, measuring, handpiece angle recommendations, favourite pigments and how to achieve the perfect photos for social media. Live demo by Emma, practice skin work and a Live Model for you to execute techniques prior to completing the day.