Price List


Powdered brow/misting/colour blocking


3D hair simulation/real life hair stroke


Natural hair strokes with powdered effect combination


Eyebrow Tail/Gap


Top Up for all Brows



Thin Eyeliner (top)


Medium Eyeliner (top)


Thicker eyeliner / Latino


Lower eyeliner



Fine Lip Liner


Natural Lip Blush/full colour glossing


Beauty Spot and Camouflage


Prices include initial treatment plus one top up 6-12 weeks later. Consultations & Patch Tests are COMPLIMENTARY.

Colour Boost appointments are necessary to ensure trueness of colour and shape, similar to boosting your hair colour! These are priced at 30% less than the full price. If these are carried out longer than the recommended 24 months after previous procedure, prices return to full price.

All top ups include TWO sessions.